A different shore excursion –

off the beaten path!

Traveling on a cruise ship is a popular way of visiting new countries for many. Last season nearly 200 cruise ships with 350,000 passengers visited Cartagena, Colombia. While shore excursions are an interesting and exciting part of any cruise, Friends for Colombia offers cruise passengers a different shore experience in Cartagena. These excursions are more than a tour. They are experiences that include visits to:

  • See where and how the people live,
  • Learn about the social challenges that exist and see the work underway by nonprofits to address these challenges and improve the quality of life,
  • Make new friends as you meet and interact with the local people,
  • Serve as you donate provided goods such as bags of food, school supplies, hygiene kits, clothing, baby essentials or other items needed by the people, and
  • Learn about other ways you can participate or support the ongoing programs of the Colombian nonprofits.

These shore experiences last 3 to 4 hours and visit local nonprofit organizations. They are normally conducted by North Americans during the cruise ship season to Cartagena. All logistics are organized by Friends for Colombia with a focus on passengers’ safety and comfort.

In a short time and glimpse of Cartagena, cruise passengers will experience the reality and also the friendliness of the people of Colombia. Having shared and served others, passengers will sail away impacted and with lasting memories of their special visit to Colombia.

Contact Friends for Colombia for more information or to make reservations. Click to see a sample shore excursion itinerary.

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Click to read a sample shore excursion itinerary.