Working to make a difference
– for today and tomorrow!

Colombia has had a long history of civil unrest and, as a result, the people have faced extreme challenges over time. As the situation has improved over the recent years, many Colombians have rallied to help their fellow countrymen. They have formed nonprofit organizations throughout the country to address the diversity of social challenges that exist. With the help of other international organizations, they are making a difference in the quality of life of current, as well as, for future generations.

Friends for Colombia works with these nonprofit organizations throughout Colombia to support their efforts and programs. Our mission is to engage individuals and groups who can also help the programs and people they serve. We provide them with advice and support on an ongoing basis. From a range of backgrounds and experiences, we help them with their strategies, operations, services, and general aid to people receiving support. It is truly a blessing to maintain relationships with these organizations and to be able to help make a difference in the quality of life of the Colombian people. We continually work with these partner organizations to review needs and goals, and determine how we may best assist with and support their activities.

Friends for Colombia also provides financial support to these organizations. On an ongoing basis, the needs are reviewed and a determination is made for how donations received by Friends for Colombia will be distributed amongst our partners. After financial support is provided, Friends for Colombia closely monitors the use of funds provided to ensure the expected results are achieved in an effective manner. Please consider making a donation – we’ll make sure it impacts the lives of people in need. Click here for ways to donate to Friends for Colombia.

Below is a partial list of Colombian nonprofit organizations we assist with training, finances and ongoing strategic support. Websites are included where available.

Friends for Colombia is proud to support:


Actuar por Bolivar - Training, advice and micro-credit for low income population starting small businesses and a preschool.


Aluna - Training and development for children with disabilities.


Arriba Las Manos - Community development of a poor island pueblo, focused on teaching values to children.

Asilo San José - Home for abandoned elderly.

Casa del Niño - Children's hospital for the poor.

Clinica Maternidad - Maternity hospital for the poor.

Fundación BET-EL - Works to improve quality of life for habitants of La Popa, provides tutoring for young children.

Fundación Granitos de Paz - Working to improve quality of life of barrio Rafael Nunez.

Fundación Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar - Foundation working to improve the infant mortality rate and teen pregnancy.

Fundación Luz a Salento - Works with children at risk through a music program. Has a yout symphonic orchestra.

Fundación Pan de Vida - Provides breakfast for children of Olaya, a poor barrio.

Fundación Proboquilla - Improve quality of life in the areas of environment, health and education.

Fundación REI - Center for Rehabilitation for poor and land mine victims.

Fundevida - Home for children with cancer.

Funvivir - Center for children with cancer.

Futuros Valores - Homes for boys at risk.

Hogares Club Michin - Foster homes for abused and abandoned children 4-18 years old. Program for abused women and children. Prevention program for children at risk living in marginal communities.

Niños de Papel - Homes for children at risk and pregnant teens.


Por un Mañana Mejor - Work with underprivileged children, lunch and school reinforcment programs. Additional program for elderly, feeding center and social support system.

Un Techo para Mi Pais - Volunteer university students build houses for the poor and displaced people, work with families in a socialization process allowing them to develop as a sustainable community.