Sample Shore Excursion Itinerary

Leaving the port, we pass through the barrio of Manga where we see many of the beautiful homes and buildings with the unique architecture from centuries past. We will make a brief stop for picture taking as we pass by the massive San Felipe fort. This structure dates back to the 1700s when the Spanish used it to fight off pirates and other countries trying to take over Cartagena. We will then pass by the Old Town where we see the wall complete with canons and watchtowers that encircles the old Spanish city with its unique buildings and narrow cobblestone streets. Our final part of the drive takes us by the old house of Colombia’s former president, Rafael Nunez, and then along the beautiful beach and the Caribbean. During the ride, visitors will learn about the social situation of the country and how people live.

At Actuar, we learn about the foundation’s programs which help the many poor and displaced people of Colombia. Here people receive training to learn skills such as computer repair, cosmetology, cooking, sewing, etc. as well as how to start and operate a small business. During a tour of the facility we will see the various classrooms and equipment used and also see the preschool where 250 children of low income families attend while parents are working or attending classes.

Some of the people who participate in Actuar’s programs will share about their lives and how they and their families have benefited. Passengers will then have an opportunity to get to know and share with many of these people as well as the children while they have refreshments. Provided supplies will be donated by passengers to the children and families.

After a short drive through a nearby barrio, we arrive at a retirement home for poor and abandoned senior citizens. After a short introduction and tour of the humble facility, passengers will get to know the people living there and learn about their lives and also share about their own lives with these new friends. Provided gifts or needed supplies will be donated by the passengers to the senior citizens.

On the return trip we will see a real contrast as we pass by a modern new shopping mall and then the open air public market complete with vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and everything you can imagine. During the short time of the tour, all will have had the opportunity to see not only where the people of Cartagena live, work and shop but also see the great works being done to improve the quality of life of so many in Colombia. Interacting with and getting to know the Colombians also give visitors a better idea of the warmth and joy of these special people.

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